Walk In – Cooling Chamber

Walk In Cooling chambers are known as Pharma Refrigerator, Cooling cabinet etc. and the equipment will maintain the set temperature between 2 to 8⁰C. Atom make Pharma Refrigerator are comply with the CGMP lab standard as per Pharma guidelines. Equipment is available in standard models with different size and dimension from 150 liter to 2000 liter. Custom built chambers also can construct as per the requirement.

Atom make Walk In Cooling Chambers are perfectly designed and are specifically developed to meet FDA/ICH requirements for accurate control and uniformity of temperature. Atom make Walk In Cooling Chambers feature’s various safety, audio visual alarms, 21 CFR part 11 software and a vast range of options and is the most preferred choice for your studies. Each Atom make Stability Chamber’s have been specifically developed to meet the requirements of test laboratories in the pharmaceutical industries.