Pure Steam Generator

  • SHIV MACHINERY PSG : – Pure Steam Generators are Designed and Constructed to Produce Clean / Pure Steam in Full compliance with cGMP guidelines as per FDA Requirements
  • Engineering and Manufacturing Practices Follow ISO 9001 Procedures, ASME BPE Criteria, GAMP guidelines, Etc. Design and Construction meets the most stringent Regulations and Codes From Europe, USA, and Others Concerning Safety and Pressure Vessels.
  • To Ensure the Equipment meets your requirements, We Work in partnership with you and a dedicated team follows customerrt as a unique project. we develop speific Quality Document ( DQ, IQ, and OQ ) and undertake factory acceptance esting ( FAT ) to give Assurance, Performance and Quality.


  • Double Tube - Sheet For First Column.-
  • Digital Flow Meter For Feed water Control.
  • Zero Dead Leg Sampling Valve at Distill Water Outlet.


  • NCGR Column or removal of non - condensable gases From Feed Water.
  • The Piping System is Manufactured with electro Polished pipes with orbital welding, sanitary fittings.


  •  Clean Steam Is Defind As Saturated Steam Produced From Additive - From water , relatively free water, relatively free from non-condensable gases and dry, but not overheated. pure steam is the same as clean steam, but when condensed it meets the USP and the EU standaeds for WFI , wgich state that endotoxins level is typically below0.25Eu/ml.
  • Clean steam should be used when the stem or resulting condensate comes into direct or indirect contact with pharmaceutical product. thus, it is the ideal heat transfer media for carrying out sterilization processes in autoclaves, tanks, reactors, pipe systems, etc.
                                                                       PSG MODEL
Pure steam capacity at outlet (Kg/Hr) 100 150 200 300 500 750 1000 1500 2000


Plant Steam

3 To 6 Kg / Cm2

(143 C To 165 C)

Plant Steam - Kg /Hr 114 171 228 342 570 855 1140 1710 2280
Feed Water - LPH 110 165 220 330 550 825 1100 1650 2200