Heat Sealing Machine


Suitable for sealing various reusable supplies and medical devices for sterilization and storage.

Operation: The continuous band heat-sealing machine with conveyer is suitable for hospital sterile packing. It adapts electronic constant temp control system (temp control) It has speed adjusting transmission mechanism. (Speed control) It can emboss up to 15 interchangeable characters for batch recording, date etc.(embossing mechanism) It can seal plastic film of various materials such as PE, PP, Aluminium foil etc
It has height adjustments as well as sealing width adjustments.
Temperature Range: 0 to 300 deg C
Current Supply: 220 –240 Volts,50 HZ, Single Phase
Current Consumption: 500 watts
Sealing speed: 0-12m/min
Conveyor loading: up to 5kgs